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PAAO-US Stand Firm on Family Values
For The Sake Of The Children

Parental Alienation Awareness Organization – United States (PAAO-US) had many activities and events which took place throughout the nation in an effort to raise awareness about the issue of parental alienation. Many representatives approached their governor for a signature on a proclamation centered on protecting children from negative behaviors that destroy both children and families. The efforts and responses to those who earnestly seek to stop parental alienation are gaining a great momentum with both our general population and its governing bodies. However, the negative attention given to our Governor’s campaign rests on the assumption that all parental alienation is caused by abusers attempting to gain custody of children. Yet, those who gave that negative attention do not disagree with any of the signs listed in recognizing these abusive behaviors. We all know it is never OK to teach a child to lie or disobey a parent nor should it be acceptable to society. However, as the nay-sayers continue to spread such hurtful, misleading statements none of the children harmed in the process are helped. Good, bad or indifferent every child has the right to their God-given parent and every parent has the right to fulfill their obligations, unless proven in a court of law, by a jury of your peers that you have been abusive, unfit or neglectful. What God has joined together, let no one separate.

There have been plenty of studies, research, documents, testimonies, experiences and data collected over the past 20 plus years on the effects of PA and the importance of maintaining a relationship with both parents that it is time to push for this information to be recognized as the behavioral form of abuse that it is in order to save a child. The experts are those who live with parental alienation every single day so constantly attacking parental alienation, parental alienation syndrome or those who claim it happens will not resolve anything and really doesn’t exemplify unconditional love. Even with flaws and imperfections, we are still provided for in abundance yet none deserve the sun to shine upon our heads. How amazing is that?

Despite the media negativity, two governors have again signed the Parental Alienation proclamations making 2009 the first of such occurrence. Governor Bob Riley of Alabama and Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana have stood firm on their belief that these behaviors are harmful to children and families therefore; we must continue to raise awareness while we educate all parties involved with high-conflict custody cases. PAAO-US is very pleased to acknowledge this supportive effort. Please remember these proclamations are for all residents in your state to use for their own purposes, in a unified effort, to stop parental alienation across the United States. The people of those States continue to meet with child advocates, family centers, local support groups and, of course, their legislatures to better educate and recognize April 25th as Parental Alienation Awareness day.

With the motto “To your child, you are a hero” we are moving forward, cheering people to recognize the United States Federal law that parents are valued. This July 26th is known across America as Parent’s Day so; please ask your local leaders to sign a proclamation. This spin-off campaign was promoted in 2008, and the first to sign was Mayor Tom Dolan of Sandy City, Utah. To view this signed Parents Day proclamation click here. Along those same lines of wanting to preserve parental rights, please be supportive of H.J. Res. 42 sponsored by Representative Peter Hoekstra proposing an amendment to the U.S. Constitution stating that the liberty of parents to direct the upbringing and education of their children is a fundamental right. Please visit to learn how you can help support this nationwide effort.

PAAO-US seeks to empower parents and tools recommended are the ‘I Wonder’ book written for each targeted parent. These coloring/activity books are a wonderful way to spend quality time with your young child helping them to understand the negative feelings brought on by alienation. Coloring Away Pain Foundation together with a nationwide organization called Divorce Care for Kids makes it possible to take this subject directly to the parents in your local area. Using these resources together with the video ’A View for the Bench’ and the latest book entitled ‘I Don’t Want to Chose’ by Dr’s. Andre and Baker, we can support and educate about hostile aggressive parenting, preventing severe alienation from happening. PAAO-US thanks the good Dr’s., Coloring Away Pain Foundation and Divorce Care for Kids for making this all possible. We are hopeful you will contact your local DC4K center, for a teaming effort, to help parents deal with the affects of being alienated from their child/ren.

Parental Alienation Awareness Organization-US Ranked 5th among small Public Advocacy causes in new members on MySpace Causes, recently. You can continue your support making Parental Alienation a federal crime in the United States by signing the petition addressed to President Barack Obama.

A special thanks to all who assist the efforts of PAAO-US by providing and sharing informational links and standing firm on the belief that the United States government has no duty, neither right nor authority when making decisions based on our children’s bests interests.

PAAO-US: Stopping Parental Alienation Across the United States

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