Sunday, December 21, 2008

South Dakota In The News


Well, Well, Well.  Glory Be!


Glory Be!  J.A.I.L. just received a South Dakota newspaper article forward to us by Bill Stegmeier who sponsored the 2006 South Dakota Judicial Accountability Initiative Law.


Therein we are informed that Bill’s previous personal attorney friend, who ran for South Dakota Judge, just got canned. Does not the Scripture say, “Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged:” Matthew 7:1 & 2. Below are the words of Bill Stegmeier: 


- Ron Branson


*  *  *


Oh my.  Who can we find worthy to sit in judgment of the rest of us now? 


At the same time that I was pushing the South Dakota Judicial Accountability Amendment, my attorney, Mr. Sean O'Brien was running for judge.  He got elected, which really bothered me because he was a decent guy, did good work for me when needed, and charged a ridiculously fair rate of only $ 80.00 an hour.  (Alright, fair compared to what his fellow snakes have been known to charge)


Well, it appears the good judge, being the decent guy I remember him to be, is having a little trouble coping with what the crooked South Dakota judicial system expects of him... to the point that he felt compelled to resort to alcohol to ease his now compromised conscience.  (My speculation you understand) 


He was found passed out in his car in front of some main street business.  A concerned passerby called the police, who promptly arrested Judge O'Brien for DUI. 


Now we all know the Irish can drink with the best of ‘em and Judge Sean O'Brien is no exception.  I would guess he made his clan fairly proud when he clocked in with a healthy point two three (.23%) under his belt.  As you know the legal limit in most parts is point zero eight (.08%)


Here's to you, laddie boy O'Brien!  May this experience guide you to long reign as a humble, honest, fair, and compassionate judge.  (If that's even possible)


(My comment is under "rollermillbill")


-Bill Stegmeier



PS – I might suggest that many of you who have opinions (Ummm – cough, cough) might have a word or two to post in this South Dakota newspaper comment section. Sorry, but you are limited to 1,000 characters. What can you say in 1,000 characters? I will be interested in seeing your comments.

- Ron Branson, the despised individual, and hated name in South Dakota by the entire Legislature, the Judiciary, the Governor, and last, by not least, State Attorney General Larry Long. (See



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