Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Legal Abuse Syndrome

Karin Huffer has discovered why many people leave a courtroom frustrated and sick.

On Wednesday April 2, 2008 we presented a new program called FAMILY COURT - Part 2 -

Dennis Grover and Michael Nance are joined on the phone by Stephen Baskerville author of TAKEN INTO CUSTODY and Karin Huffer author of LEGAL ABUSE SYNDROME. Stephen shares his research into the atrocities of Family Court, where it came from and questionable tactics and implementations of its own rules that affect mostly children. Karin Huffer explores the foundation of Legal Abuse Syndrome and has proven that a constant negative result from any courtroom experience produces Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome in litigants. Before you go to any court, understand that Justice is not a part of the equation and prepare yourself for the possibilities of being in a situation that is based in judge and attorney created rules rather than common sense. The full program is available at $10.75 ppd. copying and sharing is encouraged.

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