Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Avenger Comes

As certainly as the dawn of new day, the Avenger comes,
but we cannot see him, and know not his character,
for darkness that engulfs us blinds our sight.
Is he a man of God; Christ Jesus come again?
or is he vengeful after his own cause, an Inquisitor,
who will inflict terror on those who oppose his rule?
We who seek and pray for justice must turn to God
for his solace is the hope of multitudes;
we must be diligent in our labors,
for the day of Righteousness comes.
But who approaches the near horizon --
the Son of Man, or another would-be god?

We stand at the gates of Babylon, her secrets exposed;
we have defrocked black-robed pretenders
who inflict the rule of private courts,
and have unraveled the myth of convoluted law.
These truths cannot be defamed -- they are candles
set in the midst of reprobates.
It is for them that the Avenger comes.

We who seek justice have touched the face of grief,
asking mercy for neighbor and friend;
we have labored to secure and expose the truth,
but have been rebuffed by proud, sanctimonious liars
who bloat themselves on pirated fruits,
the spoils of countrymen and kin.
How shall we greet the Avenger who comes?
Shall we demand justice, or again ask mercy,
That the reprobate, or at least his attendant, be spared?

Dan Meador; February 24, 1998; FMC-Lexington, at Lexington, Kentucky

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