Thursday, January 31, 2008

Are You a Fit Parent?

What is it that makes a parent 'FIT' for parenting?
Who determines that 'Fitness'?

Main Entry:
Inflected Form(s):
fit·ted or fit; fit·ting
Middle English fitten to marshal troops, from or akin to Middle Dutch vitten to be suitable
15th century
transitive verb

1 a: to be suitable for or to : harmonize with b archaic : to be seemly or proper for fits us then to be as provident as fear may teach us — Shakespeare>

2 a
: to conform correctly to the shape or size of fit me anymore

b (1): to insert or adjust until correctly in place <fit the mechanism into the box> (2): to make or adjust to the right shape and size <fitting the jacket to the customer> (3): to measure for determining the specifications of something to be worn by <fitted him for a new suit>

: to make a place or room for : accommodate

3: to be in agreement or accord with fits all the facts

4 a: to put into a condition of readiness b: to cause to conform to or suit something

5: supply equip <fitted the ship with new engines> —often used with out

6: to adjust (a smooth curve of a specified type) to a given set of points

intransitive verb

1 archaic : to be seemly, proper, or suitable
: to conform to a particular shape or size; also : to be accommodated fit into the car?
: to be in harmony or accord : belong —often used with in

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